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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Today's Glorious Pic:
President Bush's Yale Dormroom Wall

Posted by: Ross

According to Chaswick, Freshman year, the 43rd president would toke up and then stare for hours at his eight-foot tall Marley poster, longing for the rivers of Babylon. Posted by Hello

Since tapes recorded by Bush's "best bud" Doug Wead surfaced last week in which, among other things, the prez talked about why he would never admit to having smoked dope, I tracked down Vincent "Muddy" Chaswick, Georgie Bush's freshman roommate at Yale.

The year is 1964, and Muddy has just said goodbye to Mom and Dad. He slings his duffle bag over his shoulder and heads into the dormitory he'll be calling home freshman year. His RA gives him a key and sends him up to his dorm room. Muddy unlocks the door, just in time to see his new roomie taking the most massive hit from a spliff the size of a Snickers Bar.

This was little Georgie Bush, who had spent that previous summer with some friends in Jamaica. And when he came back, he was a "full-blown rastafarian," according to Chaswick, "or at least, that's what he believed.

"Yeah, he was always going on about how he wanted to return to Babylon and all that crazy shit. And also he grew his hair all long, you know, wearing it in these nappy dreds. You know, this was '64, before a lot of that hippie stuff had really caught on. Being born out of wealth and priviledge, it's not too surprising Georgie was ahead of the curve on that one. He was even farther ahead of the curve with his obsession with Reggae. When you think about it, he was probably the first college student ever to hang up a Bob Marley poster in his dorm."

At this point, Muddy gets a faraway look in his eye, laughs quietly, then adds, "Wonder why that never gets mentioned when people talk about the 'Bush Legacy'."


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