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Monday, February 21, 2005

If I had an operating blogroll, this would so be added to it
Posted by Raznor

(Yeah, I'll have to learn enough html to update the template here one of these days)

Those of you who are as avid readers of Alas, Blog as I am, will remember when Barry (aka Ampersand) turned his blog into a group blog with the introduction of Bean. So it was that Bean contributed some extremely brilliant and insightful posts of her own, but now, just as Ezra Klein has torn off the shackles of Pandagon, and Bob Harris took his independence from This Modern World, so has Bean ventured into the land of independent blogging with her new blog Cool Beans.

It's definitely worth a read. Go, check it out.

. . . will this tendency of underbloggers seeking independence from they're high quality and popular blog homes foreshadow a Ross breaking away from this fairquality and modestly popular blog? Time will tell.


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