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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Kevin Drum gets his ass handed to him
Posted by Raznor

When Kevin Drum recently asked the inane question of "where are the women bloggers," I didn't respond because (a) it doesn't personally affect me, and (b) half of my favorite blogs are by women. From Echidne, to Lauren, to Amanda, to Bean and many others.

But now, Drum notes that the question of where the women bloggers are has been answered, with a note of annoyance, by - that's right - women bloggers!

May that be a lesson to you.

Update: In the comments to the above post, Morgan offers a non-exhaustive list of female bloggers in alphabetical order, and - hooboy - it's a doozie. She doesn't add hyperlinks (alas) but considering the length of the post, I can't say I blame her.


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