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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Posted by the bekka
Associated press
In a rare, late-night radio address, the President of the United States has issued the following statement, transcribed here in its entirety:

"Ladies and people of America, this evening I was surfing the ol' 'Gore' Wide Web-heh heh heh, anyways-when I came across something that troubled me. So let me make this plain 'n simple to all y'all out there in this great nation of ours: your president ain't no goofy elf-loving hobbit. I repeat: the liberal media would have you believe that these so-called "Tolkien fans" are giving you the truth. But I must ask you this - whose truth do you feel like believing more? You ask yourself that. Then we'll see who's the elf-lover here. (Loud bang here-president slams fist on desk) All right, then. Thank you America, and good night. For the White House, I'm George W. Bush. (slightly muffled) I've always wanted to say that."


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