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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Ross: the irritated consumer
Posted by Ross, the irritated consumer
So I bought a pretty kick-ass laptop over the summer. A Toshiba Satellite with a big wide screen for watching DVDs and the like. Anyway, a couple weeks ago, my AC adaptor broke. I do take this piece of hardware just about everywhere I go so I expect more wear and tear than most.
But here's the thing: I couldn't find a replacement for my AC Adaptor! The technology changes so quickly that the retailer where I got my computer, Compusa, didn't carry anything compatible. So I order it from Toshiba, and then I find out that not even they have any compatible adaptors in stock and I'm supposed to wait three weeks!
So I finally Froogled for a compatible adaptor, and, after contacting half a dozen retailers, I found someone who had one in stock, and, well, it just arrived and I am happy.
Still, it makes me wonder, why in the world is it this difficult to find a replacement part for something that is six months old? Makes me want to switch over to Mac. The biggest problem is I think I'd miss the "right mouse click" too much.
Stay tuned for more profound insight from Ross, the irritated consumer.


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