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Friday, February 04, 2005

Today's Exciting Picture:
Optimus Prime
Posted by Ross

Now THAT'S a toy! Posted by Hello

I'm off to Chicago this weekend, so is my bro Raznor. Our Grandma Adele died early this morning and the funeral's Monday.
I'm 28 years-old, and, amazingly enough, this is my first grandparent to die. There's a lot going through my head, my heart, my gut. Most of it is pretty hard to put into words.
I must've been eight or nine (can't remember if it was 3rd or 4th grade) when I got Optimus Prime in a package from Grandma. It wasn't my birthday or any special occasion. It was just a present from Grandma.
I remember being short of breath, which scared me. My mom said it was because I was so excited. Hell yeah. It was about the sweetest present a nine year-old kid could ask for. I mean, Optimus Prime is a pretty bad-ass robot, but then you got his trailer, which transforms into this command center. And then there's this little car named Roller which slingshots outta there. I always liked that little dude. The Roller in the pic is silver, but mine was blue.
Optimus Prime's arm fell off a couple years later and I lost the trailer and Roller along the way, but I'm pretty sure I still have old Optimus in a box of old, broken Transformers somewhere.
Anyway, so, that's happening now.

And Raznor wanted me to give you my playlist of ten random songs from my Media Player, so here they are:
1) Try Some Buy Some - George Harrison from Living in the Material World. David Bowie covered it in his most recent album.
2) Walk on the Wild Side - Lou Reed from Transformer (no relation to Optimus), an album, interestingly enough, produced by Bowie.
3) Sunday Morning - Lou Reed again, from Animal Serenade, his most recent live album, recorded at the Wiltern in Los Angeles June 23, 2003, a show I was fortunate enough to be at.
4) I'd Have You Anytime - George Harrison from All Things Must Pass, the first song on his transcendent first solo album, co-written by Bob Dylan. I swear I have other music, but such is the magic of the Media Player "shuffle".
5) How Do You? - Radiohead from Pablo Honey. A pretty rockin' song on the album best known for "Creep".
6) Llama - Phish from A Picture of Nectar. The rip-roarin' opening song from this interesting 1992 album. One of the first Phish songs I ever heard. The lyrics are completely baffling, but it's a great song. "Taboot!"
7) 20th Centure Man - Ray Davies from The Storyteller, a live cover from the Kinks' classic 1971 opus Muswell Hillbillies. I actually got to see Ray in concert in October '01. That and Dylan are probably the best two concerts I've been to.
8) She's Leaving Home - The Beatles from Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. A bittersweet story of youthful emancipation. Sgt. Pepper was the first Beatles album I ever listened to. My parents had it on cassette right about when I got my driver's license in '93. For months, I listened that album every time I got behind the wheel.
9) Cry Baby Cry - The Beatles, again, from The White Album. This one's all John. The quote next to this song in The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics reads: "'It's all over now. It's the end, in a way, isn't it?' - Dianne Robbins, aged 15, of London on the day Paul was married." Lotta babies cried that day.
10) Have a Cigar - Pink Floyd, from Wish You Were Here. Floyd's masterpiece album, this track's a cynical meditation on showbiz. Love the line, "By the way, which one's Pink?"
Hasta luego.


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