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Friday, February 23, 2007

The most awesome Family Guy moment ever

Posted by Raznor

A recent episode of Family Guy, "The Road to Rupert" featured this:

And for those wondering just how well this syncs up with the original scene from Anchors Aweigh:

The big cliche is to wonder how creative types come up with their ideas. But I seriously want to know who was it who saw this scene and thought, "Hey let's put Stewie there."

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I love George Takei and so do you

Posted by Raznor

Takei on Hardaway, via JMG.

Friday, February 16, 2007

FR to da T

Posted by Raznor

It really feels like spring today. I'm sitting in a cafe in the U District in Seattle and the door's open and just a really nice day which puts me in a nice good mood.

Anyway, here's the Friday Random Ten:

1) "Oh Well" - Fiona Apple
2) "Mama" - My Chemical Romance
3) "Days Like This Keep Me Warm" - The Polyphonic Spree
4) "Trap Door" - Heatmiser
5) "What You Meant" - Franz Ferdinand
6) "Splendid Isolation" - Pete Yorn
7) "Matinee Idol" - Rufus Wainwright
8) "The Engine Driver" - The Decemberists
9) "If There's Love" - Citizen Cope
10) "Carlos (Don't Let It Go To Your Head) (Live)" - Pete Yorn

Speaking of Pete Yorn, I got the pleasure of seeing him in concert this past weekend. It was my third time seeing Yorn live, and by far the best I've ever seen him.

Anyway, here's his music video for "For Us".

Comics I like

Posted by Raznor

I'll do a Friday random 10 again today, but I thought I'd post a few links to comics that cracked me up or are generally good.

First off, August Pollak's latest is utterly hilarious. The penultimate panel still has me giggling.

Secondly, check out this Cat and Girl about the manifestations of rich privelege.

Then there's Mikhaela's take on the "100% heterosexual" Ted Haggard.

And what Valentine's Day would be complete without some cards from Brian McFadden and Scott Ramsoomair.

. . . adding: Looks like August Pollak's toon I linked to above will be in this Sunday's LA Times. Rock on.

Oh and in for those of you who don't get the above VG Cats, the horrified man behind the desk is the genius behind many of Nintendo's most popular franchises Shigeru Miyamoto.

Also, I forgot to mention one of my new favorite comics, Alma Mater about the lives of students at an all girl private school. Just start here and keep reading. I absolutely love the artwork.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

the tamale lady

Posted by Ross

My karate studio is about a ten minute walk from where I live. I go to karate usually three times a week, though have been going more recently because I am getting ready to test for brown belt. But I'm not writing this to talk about karate. I am writing this to talk about the bag of tamales sitting on my table.

When I was carrying that bag home, it felt like I was carrying a big bag of dog shit. Like from a Great Dane or something. And the fact that the tamales were still steaming didn't do a thing to enhance my appetite.

I generally see the tamale lady when I'm walking home from karate on Wednesday and Thursday nights, standing with her shopping cart full of tamales for sale. I speak Spanish so I always say something like, "Buenas noches."

And then she usually says, "Buenas noches, como esta?" (Always third person.)

And then I say, "Bien, bien, y tu?"

And then she says, "Bien, gracias."

And then I say, "Hasta luego."

And then she says, "Hasta luego."

Or sometimes I say, "Que te vaya bien."

And she says, "Igualmente."

I don't think the tamale lady is as old as I am, which is 30. And I know the tamale lady is considerably shorter than my wife, which is 5'1".

The point to all this has to do with the first time I said "hola" to her three years ago, after which point she asked me if I wanted to buy a tamale, and I said no. I didn't tell her that the reason I said no had to do with the fact that I just didn't find the prospect of buying tamales from someone's shopping cart particularly appetizing.

And now, three years later, there are dos tamales de pollo y dos tamales de queso sitting on my kitchen table still in that black bag so it looks like I brought the Great Dane shit into my apartment. And though I am hungry, I do not want to eat the tamales.

Which makes me wonder what happens next time I see the tamale lady. One possible thing I could do is never buy a tamale from her again. Another possible thing to do is that I always keep a dollar on hand and buy un tamale de queso every time I see her, and then throw it away when I come home. Another possible thing I could do is try the tamales, and who knows, maybe they will be amazing...or maybe I'll get some sort of parasite in my stomach...or maybe a fun combination of the two.

See what happened was I was walking home from karate tonight and she was walking to her spot with her shopping cart and I asked her, "Como estas?"

And she said, "Bien, bien, trabajando."

And it was the way she said "trabajando" that made me feel, not necessarily bad for her, and not necessarily responsible for her, but, well, I guess it made me feel generous (not that four dollars for four tamales is the hugest act of philanthropy or anything).

The only time I ever saw the tamale lady not at her little spot was this Sunday morning, like 8:45, when I was on my way to Sunday school.

She was walking down my street pushing her cart. And we said our greetings, and then she said, "Quieres un tamale?"

And I said, "Es demasiado temprano para tamales."

But I kept thinking, was she, like, out all night selling tamales? It made me think maybe I should buy a tamale at some point. It made me even think maybe they would be the world's greatest tamales. I mean, she's out there selling those tamales all the time, so she must have repeat customers, right?

So tonight I bought some. And she didn't really have a bag to put them in. Instead it was like one of those plastic bags from the grocery story that you put the fruit in. Except it had like been cut in half or something so that it was really just a thin piece of plastic. Only I didn't know that, so when I tried to put my change back in my wallet, the tamales slid all over the place and onto my karate bag and stuff, and I was doing my damndest to keep them from falling on the street, and then she was like, "Un momento."

And then she grabbed up the tamales in her bare hands and walked over to the little convenience store run by the guy whose car has an "Allah is Your Protector" bumper sticker on his SUV and he gave her a couple of those black plastic bags and she put the tamales in the bag and then gave the bag to me, and I said, "Gracias."

And she said, "De nada."

And then I said, "Hasta luego."

But I just don't think I can bring myself to eat them. Maybe I'll heat up some of those Trader Joe's turkey meatballs instead.

** Update: The tamales turned out to be good. **

Friday, February 09, 2007

Friday Random Ten

Posted by Raznor

Why not?

1) "Jesus of Suburbia" - Green Day
2) "There There (The Boney King of Nowhere)" - Radiohead
3) "Big Man With a Gun" - Nine Inch Nails
4) "Together We're Heavy" - The Polyphonic Spree
5) "Why Did I Decide to Stay" - Heatmiser (Heatmiser, by the way, was Elliott Smith's band before he went solo)
6) "Division Day" - We Are Telephones (an Elliott Smith cover from To: Elliott, From: Portland)
7) "Hanging Around the Day Part II" - The Polyphonic Spree
8) "Yesterday Never Tomorrows" - The Stills (Side note: is that not the greatest title for a song ever?)
9) "Wake Me Up When September Ends" - Green Day
10) "Molly's Chambers" - Kings of Leon

And taking a page from Amanda's playbook, here's a music video of The Stills.

The National Media: A Summary

Posted by Raznor

I can think of very little that's caused me to laugh as uncontrollably as today's Penny Arcade.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Edwards does the right thing

Posted by Raznor

He's keeping Amanda and Shakes. Bully for him. Bully I say.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A note on Verb Tense

Posted by Raznor

Just a further note on the faux outrage about the great and talented Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan being hired by the John Edwards blog - note that when this is discussed it's always "Edwards mired himself in a scandal", and yet when people talk about Iraq and Bush, it's always "The Iraq war hurt Bush's popularity", like poor Bush, he was just sitting along and suddenly there was a war in Iraq that went poorly. What's a guy to do?

Also, as a must read, check out Pam Spauldings' thoughts.

This has made me so angry that I can barely enjoy my new favorite webtoon.

Right wingers manufacture controversy, MSM dutifully recites

Posted by Raznor

It's going to be a long campaign season.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Day after Superbowl thoughts

Posted by Raznor

One word - BORING.

This is the problem with the Superbowl. It's one game. One game can be very exciting, but usually it's boring and one sided.

The others of the big 4 sports, on the other hand, have series, which are usually more exciting than the individual games. Although last year's World Series was a pretty boring one, think of my personal favorite World Series of 2001, where the D-backs kicked some Yankee ass in a thrilling 7 game series. But don't forget that Game 6 of that series was a yawning 900-2 D-backs blowout. If that had been the only game of that series the result would be the same, Diamondbacks would be world champions, but things would have been much less exciting.

Friday, February 02, 2007

City of Boston narrowly averts utter destruction at the hands of the Mooninites' quad-laser

Posted by Raznor

Well, the Bekka already posted on this, but I had to put my two cents in on this most ridiculous of terrorist threats.

First of all, I agree completely with August Pollak here and Greg Saunders here. This is completely ridiculous. An overblown hyper-hysteria that ended up with the arrest of two young men because the Boston city government couldn't be bothered to take responsibility for scaring the shit out of the entire city because someone found a lite brite.

In the end, this just shows how fucking insane this country is whenever terrorism gets invoked. 50 years from now, people will look at this as a classic example of media-induced hysteria that really is equally responsible for the unprecedented erosion of civil liberties and the quagmire in Iraq as anything else.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

All Involved in Cartoon Creation, Publicity Stunt Extremely High

Posted by the bekka

Those mooninites are at it again.


Posted by the bekka

It will eat us all!