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Friday, February 16, 2007

Comics I like

Posted by Raznor

I'll do a Friday random 10 again today, but I thought I'd post a few links to comics that cracked me up or are generally good.

First off, August Pollak's latest is utterly hilarious. The penultimate panel still has me giggling.

Secondly, check out this Cat and Girl about the manifestations of rich privelege.

Then there's Mikhaela's take on the "100% heterosexual" Ted Haggard.

And what Valentine's Day would be complete without some cards from Brian McFadden and Scott Ramsoomair.

. . . adding: Looks like August Pollak's toon I linked to above will be in this Sunday's LA Times. Rock on.

Oh and in for those of you who don't get the above VG Cats, the horrified man behind the desk is the genius behind many of Nintendo's most popular franchises Shigeru Miyamoto.

Also, I forgot to mention one of my new favorite comics, Alma Mater about the lives of students at an all girl private school. Just start here and keep reading. I absolutely love the artwork.


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