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Monday, February 05, 2007

Day after Superbowl thoughts

Posted by Raznor

One word - BORING.

This is the problem with the Superbowl. It's one game. One game can be very exciting, but usually it's boring and one sided.

The others of the big 4 sports, on the other hand, have series, which are usually more exciting than the individual games. Although last year's World Series was a pretty boring one, think of my personal favorite World Series of 2001, where the D-backs kicked some Yankee ass in a thrilling 7 game series. But don't forget that Game 6 of that series was a yawning 900-2 D-backs blowout. If that had been the only game of that series the result would be the same, Diamondbacks would be world champions, but things would have been much less exciting.


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