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Friday, July 01, 2005

Further Reading . . . Respected Constitutions . . . So Long Sandra Day . . . and US Policy Coming to its Senses?

Posted by Ross

Maybe you wouldn't expect to read the following from someone who blogs, but I don't necessarily believe blogging is going to create a new world order in the way information and news is processed.

This isn't to say the blogging phenomenon hasn't yielded some amazing perspectives from people who, in other times, would not have had any voice whatsoever, from soldiers in Iraq to youthful dissent in Iran to all ranges of the political spectrum here in the US.

And as if several hundred cable channels, DVDs and amazing video games weren't doing enough to distract potential readers, media publishers have to compete against blogging commentary, as well as real-time stock updates, sports scores, news stories, all available online and without cost.

I do believe, in the long run, as long as it doesn't shy away from new technology, print media will be just fine, because, at the end of the day, the best writing, the best research, and a great degree of independent thought can be found in your local newspaper... it certainly can in mine, the Los Angeles Times.

And in this spirit, I would like to present three articles in this week's Times for further reading....

First off, among the myriad of provocative material Robert Scheer covers in Tuesday's column entitled Iranian Revolution Is Thriving in Iraq is the following:

Elections are only one component of a thriving democracy. Unless restrained by a respected constitution and functioning balance of powers, democracy can be subverted by demagogic leaders.

One such country that happens to be restrained by a respected constitution is... us! And though those on the left may bemoan the fact that the White House and Congress are red as can be, a terrific editorial yesterday by Andrew D. Cohen, The High Court, Between the Lines, finds promising progressive trends from the most recent session of the Supreme Court that might not be undermined even if Dubya replaces Sandra Day with Anne Coulter.

Finally, also on yesterday's editorial page is an article by Timothy Garton Ash, The United States Sobers Up, pointing to trends that the Neocons are on their way out and US foreign policy is beginning to be shaped by... say it ain't so... reality.


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