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Monday, March 21, 2005

"Citizen Ruth" redux

Posted by Ross

I feel like I'm pointing a high-powered telescope into a personal, painful family drama that may make good TV, but, no matter how you crack the egg, is none of my damn business.

I speak, of course, of USA's most famous vegetable Terri Schiavo.

You know how when you're in an argument, you're rarely arguing about what you think you're arguing about. In this case, the argument over poor Terri Schiavo has more to the debate of whether living biological tissue is sacred, which has much more bearing on the abortion debate, which, until there's a new way of looking at it, is never going to be satisfactorily resolved.

I'm sickened by all sides of this ridiculous issue. Because at the heart is a tragically fragmented family that had to resort to the courts to solve their heartbreaking dispute. And the rest of us, it's about drawing the lines of where we stand on the abortion issue and then hoping our side wins.

As for me, when it comes to picking sides and then hunkering down, I'll do it with baseball.


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