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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Good news for rapists!
Posted by Raznor

Via Amanda who got it from Lauren, this is just infuriating:

A 16 year old girl was drunk at a party and gang raped while she was unconscious. This was all on videotape, yet a man who participated in it was acquitted by a jury.

But what's really horrible is how the man got off, as Lauren put it:

“Criminal sexual assault is when it occurs against your will,” he [the defense attorney] said. I also saw on a TV news segment that this attorney asked the young woman if she “consented to going to the party and if she consented to getting drunk.” Where the fuck does the fury start? What the hell does it matter if she consented to attending a party? Did the front door have a sign on it like at an amusement park: All who enter cannot sue for personal injury. What the fuck?

Now, I know that defense attorney's jobs is to use anything they can within the law to help their clients get off. But asking the girl if she consented to going to the party is really beneath contempt. It's a defense that works only if the victim is a raped woman. If someone lets a friend in their home, and the friend stabs them, you wouldn't say, "Did you consent to letting your friend into your house," and expect it to exonerate the stabber.

I mean really. There almost seems like there's some snarky joke I could make there, but right now, I'm just far too pissed off.


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