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Friday, March 11, 2005

Friday Random Ten
Posted by Raznor

Well, you know the rules, and it's all maintained by Lauren, so here we go.

1.) "Trogdor" - Strong Bad
2.) "Bob Barker" - Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and Jack Black
3.) "Alphabet Town" - Elliott Smith
4.) "After Midnight" - Eric Clapton
5.) A song with an untranslatable title from the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack (now that's something, isn't it?)
6.) "Grey Street" - Dave Matthews Band (aka the most depressing Dave Matthews song ever)
7.) "The Part You Throw Away" - Tom Waits (seriously, what random 10 would be complete without some Tom Waits? None I tells you)
8.) "Plug In Baby" - Muse
9.) "Mojo Pin" - Jeff Buckley
10.) "Old Girlfriends" - John Wesley Harding (A singer I heard of thanks to the High Fidelity soundtrack)

And there you go. Another successful week, I'll say. I especially like how the first two turned out to be comedy pieces.


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