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Friday, February 25, 2005

2nd Pic of the Day
That Scummy Guy That Took a Bribe While Officially an Amateur
Posted by: Ross

Chris Webber took money while he was an amateur. Scandalous!

I don't even remember why I'm all passionate about this all of a sudden. I didn't even listen to the news today, so how did it pop into my head?

In any case, I want to make a plea on behalf of the future Chris Webbers of the world. Because like young Chris Webber, many budding NBA stars, and, I would gander, NFL, MLB, and NHL stars, in the ranks of the NCAA are going to be tempted into accepting "gifts", cashing in their future earning power a little early, if you catch my drift, nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

It's such a sleazy, deplorable practice.

Heard this one before?

Universities pay their coaches multi-year, multi-million dollar contracts to build winning teams. Those elite teams from Duke to Arizona, from Oregon to Georgetown, are raking it in by the millions, while the athletes are getting a free education. They're selling their star athletes' likenesses on merchandise, on media guides, on TV ads, while the athletes get to eat for free in the cafeteria.

Hey, I love college. I love it so much, I paid, and am still paying for it. So there is definitely a part of me that says fuck you, you spoiled douchebag and pay your lumps before leaving me in your dust.

That said, think about this...

And so with dreams of millions of dollars and a stable full of ho's within arm's reach, these teenage future millionaires of America are expected to, in every circumstance, turn down free shit that they want. Uh, easier said than done, dude. Especially, like in Webber's case, if other family members are involved.

Personally, if I were a college student, which, at one point I was, I wouldn't have a problem if I knew, for instance, that there was a modest pay scale for student athletes above and beyond their free education. I'm not talking millions of dollars, but, man, for a college student, an extra ten grand would be pretty nice.

Am I being naive? Is that not a lot of money, even for those whose yet unfulfilled dreams have seven zeroes in them?

Wouldn't it be a more effective deterrent to taking bribes, if it was okay for a university to say, "Look, you're still a college student, but since we raked in 500 grand on t-shirt sales with your face on 'em, here's an extra ten grand to have some fun with."?

AND because they're not hanging out with sleazy agents or boosters reps or whoever is dangling money in front of them, that means they'll be hanging out with their fellow students. And their parties would kick ass.


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