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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Children of Men

Posted by Ross

This movie is so insanely fucking awesome.

These might be SPOILERS...

...but one thing I thought about was that this world in the movie could actually exist within the logical axis (if not the stated dates) of Kurt Vonnegut's Galapagos, which simply happens to tell its story of worldwide infertility from a different part of the globe.

Also, as I hadn't known anything about the film before seeing it, I didn't know about those epic tracking shots, so I just found myself in the middle of one of those shots thinking, when was the last time there was an edit? A friend of mine who was at the film with the bekka and myself commented that this action-non-editing was sort of the opposite of the gold-standard Michael Bay a-million-edits-a-second style. And it's just so relentless to be on Clive Owen (with shaky hand-held; at one point the lens is even spattered with blood) and never cut throughout these horrific sequences. An edit in this case wouldn't make the scene more exciting, but would instead be something of a relief.


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