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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Add this to the dumbest shit I've ever heard- CNN edition

Posted by Raznor

Via Josh Marshall, here's a little fashion commentary on Barack Obama:

The senator was in New Hampshire over the weekend, sporting what's getting to be the classic Obama look. Call it business casual, a jacket, a collared shirt, but no tie.

It is a look the senator seems to favor. And why not? It is dressy enough to suggest seriousness of purpose, but without the stuffiness of a tie, much less a suit. There is a comfort level here that reflects one of Obama's strongest political assets, a sense that he is comfortable in his own skin, that he knows who he is.

If you want a striking contrast, check out Senator John Kerry as he campaigned back in 2004. He often appeared without a tie, but clad in a blazer, the kind of casual look you see at country clubs and lawn parties in the Hamptons and other toned (ph) locations.

When President Bush wanted in casual mode, he skipped the jacket entirely. Third-generation Skull and Bones at Yale? Don't be silly. Nobody here but us Texas ranchers.

You can think of Bush's apparel as a kind of homage to Ronald Reagan. He may have spent much of his life in Hollywood, but the brush-cutting ranch hand was the image his followers loved, just as the Kennedy sea ferry look provided a striking contrast with, say, Richard Nixon, who apparently couldn't even set out on a beach walk without that "I wish I had spent more time at the office" look.

Okay, kinda irrelevant but interesting. Obama pulls the "man of the people" look beter than Kerry, and Bush, like Reagan, is seeking to appeal to a different demographic. You got me so far, but wait what's this?

But, in the case of Obama, he may be walking around with a sartorial time bomb. Ask yourself, is there any other major public figure who dresses the way he does?

No really, you'll love this.

Why, yes. It is Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who, unlike most of his predecessors, seems to have skipped through enough copies of "GQ" to find the jacket-and-no-tie look agreeable.

And maybe that's not the comparison a possible presidential contender really wants to evoke.

Eeeeeeeeeek. Obama and Ahmadinejad dress similarly!!!!1! Certainly he's unfit for public office! And certainly the American electorate is parsing how candidates dress as compared to foreign officials. So this is political suicide.

The best thing is we get to look forward to 2 full years of commentary as enlightening as this.


Blogger Ross said...

Sounds like a backhanded compliment to Ahmadinejad.

12/13/2006 6:09 PM  

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