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Monday, May 08, 2006

Wow, Kobe Bryant is a dick
Posted by Raznor

Bryant on being guarded by Raja Bell:

"It's funny because I really don't think about him defensively," Bryant said. "I really don't. It's not like when I go up against Bruce Bowen or (Ron) Artest or something like that where they make you think about what you're doing out there. It's not like that."

Yeah, that's right Kobe - try scoring more than 1 point in a half and then we'll talk.

Meanwhile Suns just scored a three at the end of the third quarter to take a 93-91 lead over the other LA team. Should be a fun series.

. . . And Suns win 130-123. Woot. Now back to my massive finals week related work.


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