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Friday, January 20, 2006

Da Friday Random 10
Posted by Raznor

Busy week at start of classes, but now it's FRT time! This is my way, also, to finish the week doing something productive, so time to sip the chai, turn on iTunes, and get work done.

Requisite praise to the all powerful leader and here we go:

1) "Whither Vulcan" - Remy Zero
2) "Let You Down" - Default
3) "A Minor Incident" - Badly Drawn Boy
4) "What Do I Care" - Johnny Cash
5) "As Ugly As I Seem" - The White Stripes
6) "A Fond Farewell" - Elliott Smith
7) "This Whole World" - Brian Wilson
8) "Escape" - Muse
9) "Indifference" - Pearl Jam
10) "Gouge Away" - The Pixies

And there you go. Have fun. I have a great couple of pics for dog-blogging tomorrow, so tune in to that.


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