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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Posted by the bekka

Please enjoy this tasty selection of interesting items collected over recent weeks by yours truly.

-A hillarious non-dirty dirty-sounding word I learned while reading Bill Bryson's fascinating A Short History of Nearly Everything:
testudinal - adj., of, pertaining to, or resembling a tortoise
Go ahead - use it in a sentence today!

-A brief comment I wrote for a petition against the Government's intent to restrict access to Plan B (aka: the morning-after pill):
"It does no good to society by 'punishing the harlots' that have the misfortune to find themselves pregnant unwantedly, for whatever reason - rape, irresponsible sex, incest, birth control failure. With increasing restrictions to and controversy over abortion rights and access to birth control pills, a fast, safe, contraceptive method such as this is even more necessary today than ever before. Whether society at large feels they are morally justified in forcing women to bear undesired babies, know that unwanted children will have their revenge on the world, and your children and grandchildren will have to live side by side with them in the same society."
(Fashionable "Punish the Harlots" t-shirts soon to be available from Raznor's Overseas Totally Slave-Labor-Free Apparel, Inc.)

-On "gifts," "gift shops," and "gift-giving":
Everywhere you look, retailers are letting the whole world know that they are selling "gifts," often "for the whole family" that promise to be "just what they always wanted." You know, things like diamond necklaces, ipods, isotoner gloves. I have news for these retailers: you don't get to decide what a gift is! Something is a gift because someone has thought about something they'd like to give a loved one as a token of their feelings, or because they think they'd want/like/use it. Just because you’re giving it doesn’t make it a gift, and just because retailers tell people it's a gift doesn’t make it a gift either. Only you get to decide what a gift is - even though there may be stores that claim to be full of them. What they are selling is merely "stuff that you can give" (read: crap) that will delight in the brief moments of "receiving," but usually not much longer than that.


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