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Friday, December 30, 2005

The Friday Random 10
Posted by Raznor

Well, I'm in LA visiting Ross and the Bekka. Hermes is in the kennel, so alas there will be no dog-blogging this week. In the meanwhile, here's the last FRT of 2005. (woot)

1) "Desperado"- Johnny Cash
2) "Lonesome Day" - Bruce Springsteen
3) "Away From the Sun" - 3 Doors Down
4) "Theologians" - Wilco
5) "Cheating on You" - Franz Ferdinand
6) "A Certain Softness" - Paul McCartney
7) "Firedogs" - Ren and Stimpy
8) "St. Jimmy" - Green Day
9) "Logic of a Friend" - Badly Drawn Boy
10) "Rebel Rebel" - David Bowie

Hurray. Have fun everyone.


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