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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Thanks for Inviting Me!
Posted by Elyce

Well, here I am, guest appearing in the world of my fabulous cousins! Thanks for inviting me. (Pic is of me flying out to Cali last month.)

To start things off and bulk up this post a little, here's a random list of things I thought about or did today:

(1) Worked on the syllabus for my course on "Gender and Film," including the decision to include a reading on queerness and animation (from Snow White to The Lion King). I also watched (again) The Celluloid Closet. Highly recommended as an entertaining history lesson in gay representations in Hollywood film.

(2) Helped Chad (my husband) make corn chowder and ate it (yum).

(3) Enjoyed my son reading several children's books to me, as I presented to be him and he pretended to be his dad.

(4) Installed a new external DVD-R drive onto our computer.

I'll try to do more interesting things soon!


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