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Friday, December 02, 2005

The Friday Random 10 -the mighty return of the coolness self audit
Posted by Raznor

As always - requisite praise to our leader, although at my writing this, I don't see her doing no FRT yet, we'll let that slide. Let's get to the songs:

1) "Montage" - Team America: World Police Soundtrack - 9/10: nice way to start things off.
2) "Ren's Pecs" - Stimpy 7/10: Always nice hearing Billy West sing. I can't believe I actually put this CD on my iTunes.
3) "Imaginary Love" - Rufus Wainwright 6/10: It's a good song, and Rufus Wainwright is a great singer, but I'm not sure if we can classify him as particularly cool, per se.
3a) Some Japanese dialogue from the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack. This is a 10/10 - although given only half the weight, as it isn't a song.
4) "Grace Cathedral Hill" - Decemberists 7/10: Decemberists are an awesome group, but this can't really be listed as one of their more awesome songs, though it is really damn good.
5) "Alphabet Street" - Prince 8/10: I keep adding CDs to this computer, but still have a high percentage of Prince songs. I'm not complaining, but I still need to add stuff. I have only 2.4 days worth of music here.
6) "Love, Reign O'er Me" - The Who -7/10: addititional coolness cos it's on the album Quadrophenia.
7) "Punker Plus" - Le Tigre - 9/10: a really fun dose of modern punk.
8) "Save Me" - Remy Zero - 7/10: sort of feels like the opposite of the last song. Ah, random play.
9) "Balled of Lemons" - Blonde Redhead 10/10: anything by Blonde Redhead gets an instant 10, especially if it comes from Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons.
10) "Muzzle of Bees" - Wilco 7/10: I'm out of comments, just say like the song.

Anyway, we get about 7.81/10. In your face.


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