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Friday, November 18, 2005

Friday Random 10
Posted by Raznor

Finally back to this. Hooray. All praise to our mighty leader.

Plus this kinda forces me to do some work for an hour before playng some World of Warcraft. Dog blogging later tonight.

1) "Bridge Over Troubled Water" - Johnny Cash
2) "Born to Run" - Bruce Springsteen
3) "Wasting My Time" - Default (man I haven't listened to these guys in a while - this really is a good song too, you should look it up.)
4) "Lola Stars and Stripes" - The Stills
5) "I Don't Live Today" - Jimi Hendrix
6) "Cocoon" - The Decemberists
7) "I Do Not Want This" - Nine Inch Nails
8) "St. Ides Heaven" - Elliott Smith (I love this song - one of the greatest songs about drug addiction to ever be written. And that's saying a lot)
9) "Bad News and Bad Breaks" - Mighty Mighty BossToneS (wow - Bosstones - wow)
10) "Sunburn" - MUSE (As good a song as any to finish up on)

Well, there you go. Have fun.


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