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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Posted by the Bekka

Is this why my tomato plants didn't grow in 2nd grade?

Turns out the White Christian Majority does endorse evolutionary science...as long as it supports their continued sovereignty of America. Ever heard of the Eugenics Movement? In the infancy of the discovery of heredity (think pea plants) at the beginning of the 20th century, "Scientists" argued that we could selectively breed humans for whatever qualities we preferred! Guess which ones we preferred? Turns out most of the folks that entered in the "Better Babies" and "Fitter Families" contests of the time were...you guessed it...white Christians of Northern European descent. These "discoveries" led to laws restricting immigration (dilution of the pure "American race"), and more laws dictating who could and could not reproduce. This strategy was singularly opposed by the Catholic Church. In yet another bout of irony, the CC suffered greatly during this era after Eugenics' supporters repeatedly accused it of "imposing its religious and moral values on the nation."

With the advent of the Genetics movement, it quickly became clear that heredity was nowhere near as simple as we thought it was, and could no longer reasonably be used to support cultural bias in the name of "Science." That, and a certain mid-century German leader picked up where Eugenics left off to create one of the World's most favoristist wars!

Aaaah, the Eugenics movement. What a great...and embarassing...time for America's Ruling Class!

Fast forward to the late 20th century, when Charles Darwin's theory of Natural Selection is the dominantly accepted theory of evolutionary science, openly conflicting with the beloved mythology of WASP America. Wait a minute, Science! You can't do that! Our kids might question our beliefs - marry an "ethnic" - renounce Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior - and God knows we can't let that happen.

Yup. Once evolutionary science threatens their modus operandi, WASP America gives it the royal kibosh. And they called John Kerry a flip-flopper.


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