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Friday, October 21, 2005

Da Friday Random 10
Posted by Raznor

Hooray for Lauren. Not doing the self-audit this week. Don't feel like it. Shut up. Go away.

Anyway here be da list:

1) "Christmas" - Remy Zero
2) "The Bends" - Radiohead
3) "Head" - Prince (man I have a lot of Prince on this laptop don't I)
4) "Grace Cathedral Hill" - The Decemberists
5) "Sam" - Keith West (from The Roots of Tommy - an awesome song - seriously)
6) "Cursed Diamond" - Black Crowes
7) "Reptile" - Nine Inch Nails
8) "Rael 1" - The Who
9) "Mr. Self Destruct" - Nine Inch Nails (hmm - two Nine Inch Nails songs in one sitting - I only have one album I swear! But fortunately I do really like this song)
10) "Homecoming" - Green Day - one of their massive 5-part songs in American Idiot.

Well there we go - wasn't that fun?


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