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Friday, September 30, 2005

Friday Random 10 - with coolness self-audit
Posted by Raznor

Yes the Friday Random 10 is back. A requisite praise of our leader, plus a coolness self-audit, a la Norbizness. Here we go:

1) "Mariner's Revenge Song" - the Decemberists 10/10, it's indie rockish plus a fucking epic awesome song, and Petra Hayden sings the voice of the mother, it doesn't get much cooler than that.
2) "Equus" - Blonde Redhead 10/10 - another indie band, a unique sound, an awesome song, who shares a title with an amazing Peter Shaffer play. I'm getting lucky early on in this one.
3) "Glorious #1" - Remy Zero 7/10 - Remy Zero seems to be a 5/10 band in general, but anything on The Golden Hum, as it is a concept album, gets an instant +2. Kind of like how The Who are in general 6/10, but anything on The Who Sell Out gets a base score of 8/10, and - depending on the song - if it's Petra Hayden doing it accopello, then it can be as high as 9/10.
4) "10th Avenue Freezeout" - Bruce Springsteen 4/10 - if not for the fact that Bruce Springsteen is among the rockingest people to exist this would be 2/10 tops. "Jungleland" is the primary reason why Born to Run remains a great album overall.
5) "The End of an Act" - Team America 9/10. The "Pearl Harbor sucks and I miss you" song. Nothing this funny can be uncool.
6) "Warning Sign" - Born Jamericans 3/10. It's a great song, but Reggae has kind of left it's "cool" period and into it's "music conoisseur" period. In 20 years it'll be kitsch.
7) "How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore" - Prince 5/10. Prince is an automatic 7/10, but the only thing I have of his is a box set of hits, as opposed to actual Prince albums so I must take 2 points off in penance.
8) "Mary's Place" - Bruce Springsteen 6/10. A normal 7/10, -1 for repeating artists. I do have 2 days of music on my computer now, but I still need to add more. (note: as I started this I had this worth 5/10, then as the awesome conclusion came in and I realized just how fucking awesome this song is, I upped it a point)
9) "Someone's Coming" - The Who 8/10. Remember what I said about The Who Sell Out? Well it turned out to apply to this random 10. Who knew?
10) "Red Rain" - The White Stripes 10/10. And we finish the random 10 on a totally awesome note. The guitar part of this song is worth 9 cool points on it's own.

So I score 7.2/10. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Dog-blogging later tonight.


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