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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Hard Working Cameraman Providing the Public with Much-Needed Fingerprinting Footage

Posted by Ross

So Texas Rangers ace Kenny Rogers hasn't taken too kindly to cameramen of late. And the problem with lashing out at cameramen is, well, it's all on tape.

Rogers, a marvel at 40 years-old, is having another superior season. He gave an interview at the All-Star Game last week in which he took responsibility for his actions and has subsequently turned himself into authorities while appealing a 20 game suspension.

But what happened the other day? Well, if you read the so-called sports news, or watch ESPN, you'll see that Kenny Rogers lashed out at another cameraman, as if he were some sort of rage-aholic, addicted to the sweet, sweet elixir of rage-ahol.

Of course, if you actually watch the footage, it makes your skin crawl. I saw it on Sportscenter last night. Rogers is being filmed at the police station as they're taking his prints. He doesn't raise his voice, simply asks the cameraman to leave.

And so what happens? He zooms in on Rogers and then tells him, "I'm just doing my job."

Pretty pathetic job, I'd say. Rogers is in police custody, humiliating in an of itself, especially if you are 40 years-old, and, to add insult to injury, the camera is in his face the whole time. Why? Because it's news-worthy? Because the public demands it? Or simply because he can?

There's nothing quite like seeing someone wealthy, or famous, or beautiful at their most vulnerable. I guess it makes the rest of us feel better about ourselves.


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