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Thursday, July 14, 2005

On supporting the troops and supporting the war
Posted by Raznor

I've been renting and watching Band of Brothers lately. It's truly an excellent series. But I was watching an episode earlier today and I had an epiphany.

Iraq is a fuckmire. It's a fuckmire because there's not enough boots on the ground. I, in the meanwhile, am 23. If I thought this war was necessary, useful, or in any way good, I would hate myself every single day until I enlisted.

But what do we hear from these war supporters? "Support the troops". That's it. Here's a hint to everyone - supporting the troops is what we detractors do who don't like the war but realize most of the people whose duty it is to fight the war are decent human beings and deserve respect, and who we hope won't die. When someone who supports the war says "Support the troops" it's a nice lazy way of not saying "serve your country". It's their way of continuing to love the fact that there's a war as long as they don't have to sacrifice squat. It's a disgusting, childish, and dishonorable stance.

I have a cousin who does not support the Iraq war. He's also a lieutenant, and very well may be going to Iraq soon. If he is - god forbid - sent to Iraq, I am sure he will fight honorably, because that's his duty. And to think of those who do support the war who are perfectly able to enlist, it makes me want to projectile vomit. Preferably on one of them.


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