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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Toon-Grievous would kick CGI-Grievous' ass anyday
Posted by Raznor

The new VG Cats is a nice little sumup of the new Star Wars movie. Particularly deadon with the second panel.

Meanwhile, what did I think of Revenge of the Sith? I liked it. Like, a lot. Actually, already saw it twice, and it held up the second time. The love scenes, though annoyingly badly written, were at least extremely short. And the light saber scenes - awesome. As a guy who really - really - likes swords, I appreciate when a movie shows choreographed sword fighting scenes that exhibit some awesome techniques. So I really particularly loved the attention to detail ROTS displayed. For example (kind of a spoiler alert) if you watch closely in the fight between Anakin and Saruman (okay - Dooku is the dumbest name ever, and hearing a wheezing Grievous say it over and over again certainly didn't help) you'll notice that when Anakin's and Saruman's light sabers are engaged, Anakin is holding his light saber with two hands, Dooku with one, so Anakin is able to grab Dooku's right wrist with his left hand, essentially gaining control of Dooku's light saber, that allows Anakin to disengage his own light saber and slice through the octagenarian Sith Lord's forearms. (Meh, he had a long life)

Okay, I'm a sword fight geek. Still, as for reviews, the best I've read, that really sums up how I feel about the movie comes from Keith Phipps.


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