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Sunday, May 22, 2005

A Fun New Blog Game: why is the right wing/left wing (cicle which wing applies) a complete asshole for their opinions about the hot new Saddam pictures?

Posted by Ross

At the end of last week we got that delicious bit of news that Saddam Hussein had been photographed in his underpants (Saddam Hussein wears underpants? Who knew?) among other poses sure to be revealed in next year's Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Issue.

I quite liked curmudgeonly lefty Bob Sheer's take on the whole thing on Left, Right & Center on Friday, when he mentioned that he didn't particularly find the images humiliating as much as he found them humanizing. I would have to agree. It's hard to paint a monster out of a flesh and blood human being on his knees washing his clothes (or whatever it was he was doing; I find the whole thing so distasteful, I've yet to seek out the photos).

And who was the only publisher cynical and sleazy enough to allow these pictures to be printed in his two high profile tabloid newspapers?

The inscrutable Citizen Kane for the new millennium, Rupert Murdoch.

As Homer Simpson, another Murdoch property, might marvel, "Journalism. Is there anything it can’t do?"


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