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Monday, May 23, 2005

Hooray, course evals
Posted by Raznor

Well I read my course evals today, which being that I taught College Algebra is - you can imagine - quite painful. Here's a summary:

1. Students in both classes thought I was funny. Guess that's a plus.
2. Unlike last semester, no one thought my sense of humor was inappropriate, but then there wasn't as many students with such vitriolic hatred of me as last semester. Maybe this means I'm improving?
3. In one of my classes, I had one student say he/she was bored by my going to the basics when expaining a problem on the board, and another who was frustrated that I skipped too many steps. There's no pleasing everyone I guess.
4. Most other complaints were regarding aspects of the class that were beyond my control (the fact that for all sections the tests are worth 50% of the grade, for instance, which I never really liked anyway) which I would feel better about except:
5. Just about half of my students actually filled out the course evaluations. Who knows what the rest thought.

Well, another semester down, anyway, huh?


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