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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

"Is it too much to ask that a religious institution sporting such an abysmal record in dealing with these matters stop dictating the bedroom behavior of its millions of followers?"

Posted by Ross

So muses Robert Scheer (whose name, I realize, I've been misspelling for months) in his column today in the LA Times about the Catholic Church's attitudes toward homosexuality in light of its own cover-ups of abuse, entitled "A Hypocritical Church's Sex Lessons."

"Sadly," Scheer continues, "it probably is. The church will continue to face eruptions of sexual scandal because of its renowned insistence on a sanctimonious medieval morality ignoring the main lesson of this sorry affair: Sex is natural, becoming ugly and exploitive only when denied healthy outlets.

"For our civil society, the message is even more compelling: Yes to the life decisions of responsible adults, gay or heterosexual; no to the sexual dictates of a church that cannot be trusted to monitor its own behavior."


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