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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Raging 'roids... and not the ones on yer arse

Posted by Ross

I LOVE this article at ESPN.com:

House: 'I tried everything known to man'

Essentially, it's a declaration by former major leaguer Tom House that when he was a pitcher in the 60s and 70s, he, and just about everybody he knew, was doing enough performance enhancing drugs to make the baby Jesus weep tears of pure acid.

My favorite House quote:

"I pretty much popped everything cold turkey. We were doing steroids they wouldn't give to horses. That was the '60s, when nobody knew."

Sorta like in the 30s, when nobody knew giving kids a soft drink at the sodee fountain, whose secret ingredient was cocaine, was a bad idea.

Or in New Mexico in the 50s, when people would grab their lawn chairs and sunscreen and go watch the gov'ment test another "perfectly safe" nucular weapon.

Or a couple hundred years ago, when a frothing chamber pot of fresh urine was the Victorian equivalent of a wheat grass shot.


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