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Friday, April 22, 2005


Posted by the bekka

"Despite the many glimmers of truth that 1989 brought to us, the same year was seen out in Germany with an unexpected, and unsettling, event. In numerous Catholic churches, the bells were rung for fifteen minutes to proclaim to the faithful that abortion was a sin. In the midst of the euphoria at the tearing down of the Berlin wall and the growing consciousness among young people, we were thrown back into the Middle Ages - an era in which much of what we know today was as yet undiscovered, and which, anyway, had little interest in enlightmenent. Church bells have never been rung to proclaim the mistreatment of children sinful. They weren't rung as Hitler organized the mass deportation of Jews throughout Europe, or as Stalin presided over the extermination of millions. And they didn't ring as Ceausescu terrorized his nation, using its children as apprentice "Securitate" men, who would later open fire on real children. But now they did ring, for a full fifteen minutes, so that even more unwanted and later tortured children could be born into the world!

"In disbelief, one asks oneself: Is it possible that the people behind such actions really are so clueless? Do they not know that no less than one hundred percent of all seriously abused children are unwanted? Do they not know what that can lead to? Do they not know that mistreatment is a parent's way of taking revenge on the children they never wanted? Shouldn't the authorities do everything in their power, in the light of this information, to see to it that the only children who are born are wanted, planned for, and loved? If they did, then we could put an end to the creation and continuation of evil in our world. To force the role of a mother on a woman who does not wish to be a mother is an offense not just against her, but against the whole human community, because the child she brings into the world is likely to take criminal revenge for its birth, as do the many (mis)leaders threatening our lives. All wars we ever had were the deeds of once unwanted, heinously mistreated children.

"It is the right to lived life that we must protect wherever and whenever it is threatened. And it should never be sacrificed to an abstract idea."

From Alice Miller's Breaking Down the Wall of Silence, Chapter 10 - "Protecting Life After Birth," in section 3 - "Giving Up Hypocrisy," published in 1990


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