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Monday, April 12, 2004

LGF Quiz

This is fun. Take this quiz Little Green Footballs or Late German Fascists, to see if you can differentiate between words of Hitler and his ilk in regards to jews and other untermenschen or if it's a comment on Little Green Footballs regarding Palestinians. I did well, 12 out of 14, but mostly because I'm taking a class on the Third Reich (as you notice by my Third Reich Humor series) and therefore am able to recognize many of these quotations. For instance, I knew straight-off that this quote:

"...we would have a powerful new weapon at our disposal... [if they]... could be sterilized so that they could be used as laborers but be prevented from reproduction...."

Was specifically about what to do about the half-Jews in regard to the final solution. (in 1941 the order came out that half-Jews would be treated as full-Jews in regard to the final solution, unless they had children with a German spouse, which caused a bit of a stir among Nazi officials, see The Wannsee Conference if you wish to know more about that)

. . . . via Billmon whose comments are worth a read.


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