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Thursday, April 08, 2004

Third Reich Humor Part IV - Power abusing homosexuals

Just two jokes today, but needs some back story. Rohm (the "oh" is pronounced like "oo" in "look". There's an umlaut, but I don't know how to add one in html) was the leader of the SA, the NSDAP's paramilitary organization, going into the 1920's. When the Nazis took over the German government in 1933, the SA went wild. Political dissidents were gathered up and thrown into makeshift concentration camp (I believe by 1934 there were upwards of 7000 such camps in the country, they used basements of schoolhouses or whatever they could find to force people into). However it became apparent that the SA was out of control, and to appease the public, as well as the Conservative Party officials in power, and to ensure a simple transfer of power when Hindenburg died and Hitler would become Reichspresidente, Hitler had Himmler's SS purge Rohm and all his top officials.

One more thing, it was a pretty open secret that Rohm was a homosexual, even though official Nazi policy regarding homosexuals was about as tolerant as they were with Jews and Slovaks. When the SS killed Rohm, it was in the middle of one of Rohm's parties that included many virile, patriotic young men in many orgies. Hitler pronounced that he didn't know that Rohm was homosexual, but this was the subject of quite a few jokes in itself, that sadly I don't have. But there are the following:

What is the German ideal? As blond as Hitler, as tall as Goebbels, slim as Goring, and chaste as Rohm.


After the Rohm purge, a new paragraph has been added to the constitution: "The Chancellor both appoints and shoots his ministers in person."


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