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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Recent blog discovery (for me)

I've been meaning to mention The S-Train Canvass here for sometime, and when I do finally get to adding my blogroll here, this will definitely be on it. Especially now, I made the happy discovery that I've been added to the blogroll there. Go Raznor, Go Raznor!

Anyway, S-Train and his co-blogger T-Steel are progressive thugs, which is described in depth by S-Train's bio:

I'm a 32-year old black male, married, with three progeny. I lived more than 30 years in the degrading city of Detroit, Michigan (no I'm not saying anything positive about it). I'm a former gang member (my teens) that found the light after almost bleeding to death from a stab wound. Sociology is my first love followed by basketball (football a close third). The key to a better America isn't through the EXECUTIVE, LEGISLATIVE, or JUDICIAL BRANCHES. It's through the collective changing of flawed mindsets. I've kicked alot of ass and taken some good ones also. PROGRESSIVE THUGGERY = Positive change through controlled unruliness.

For the uninducted, I recommend this post with S-Train's response to Kim DuToit's rather ridiculous "Pussification of modern men" piece. Then just head over to the main page and spend some time there.


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