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Sunday, February 15, 2004

I am now officially the man!

I'm reporting that Raznor's Rants has finally attracted to the comments section it's first non-sequitur writing right-wing idiots!!! Go Raznor! Go Raznor!

The first is a few posts down, where bill writes:

Clinton never revealed his medical records He was also a draft dodger but he was a demicrat that makes a difference

And yes bill. The fact that Clinton was a demicrat did make a difference. Since you call Clinton "He" I'm assuming that "demicrat" is some sort of deity-politician, which means making him reveal medical records would be a mistake, 'cause you don't wanna go pissin' off no deities.

bill also proves he requires a bitch-slapping by posting a semi-litereate homophobic rant on the post about the marriage of Phyllis Martin and Del Lyon. He's seconded by Karl Marcks (which is such a clever name, since it resembles the name of Karl Marx, who is a somewhat well-known historical figure):

Amen I'm glad that the right wing extremist have been defeated. Now maybe I can marry my brother without any backlash. We don't need the government telling how to live and who we should be able to marry. If you love somebody that is all that matters.

Damn straight! As a liberal I'm all about the incest and bestiality. And the idea that incest would obviously follow from Same Sex Marriage is a no-brainer. Please interpret that as you see fit.

Anyway, thank you bill and karl, truly now, Raznor's Rants has arrived!

Update: Of course I'm nothing compared to Kevin Drum. He did a post about 24 and a ton of freepers go into the comments section talking about Kerry having sex with an intern and how Kevin is losing credibility for posting about Bush's AWOL record. Right-wing idiots. Where would we be without them?


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