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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Michelle Malkin's intrepid reporting: a summary

Posted by Raznor

Courtesy of Sadly, No:

  1. Breaking: The moon is literally made of cheese.

  2. Like I said, the moon is made of really hard, rock-like cheese.

  3. Here’s yet more proof that the moon is made of a soft rock which resembles cheese.

  4. Breaking: According to Flopping Aces via Patterico (hat tip: Confederate Yankee), Gateway Pundit has posted a screen-capture of an AP story that says (and I quote): “Because I’m still in love with you, I want to see you dance again, Because I’m still in love with you, On this harvest moon.” So the moon has harvests. Will the MSM admit cheese? Wai-ting…
  5. Liberals deny the similarity between the moon’s cratered surface and that of certain cheeses, for instance Neufchâtel.
  6. UPDATE: Whoops, I meant Gruyère — the circular or wedge-shaped kind with craters in it from ancient meteor strikes.
  7. As I’ve said many times, the real issue is that if the moon were cheese, the liberal MSM would attempt to sweep the truth under the rug, as is usual for them. As the present case clearly demonstrates.

  8. Breaking: The moon is literally made of cheese. Big surprise, eh, MSM? Blue Crab Boulevard reports that Flopping Aces writes that Confederate Yankee finds that Gateway Pundit reports that Dan Riehl writes that…
  9. UPDATE: Whoops. The AP story actually reads, “The [Rev. Sun-Myung] Moon[’s hairpiece] is made out of [the pubic hair of North Korean 13-year-olds, and his office smells like the Incredible Hulk just cut the] cheese.” Story developing…
  10. “Hi, this is See-Dub guest blogging while Michelle hides out for awhile is traveling on journalism business. Say, how about those liberals? Pretty unhinged, huh?”
  11. I have many emails now from people, and I will now respond. Liberals dishonestly claim that no cheese is not never unmade of not-moon. Yet despite their best efforts to embolden terrorism, no amount of wild, unhinged ranting by the left can [mumble-mumble] about the [mumble-mumble], because okay, lunar rock, as I’ve said many times.
  12. Ha ha! Sneer! For certain the MSM has no credibility left, but are they willfully ignorant of the commonality of double vowels in the center of the words, ‘moon’ and ‘cheese’? Oo! Ee! (Hat tip: Gateway Pundit)

  13. Burning questions remain in the evolving moon/cheese double-vowel controversy.
  14. With the moon having been proven to be possibly cheese, I have decided to go to the moon to personally report on the cheese which is there.
  15. I came to the moon a darkening cheese-skeptic, but left with unexpected hope and resolve. Sure enough, here’s a picture of some rocks on the moon.
  16. [etc.]

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