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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Report Dan Glickman!!!!

Posted by Raznor

Bitch Magazine has a good interview with Kirby Dick, director of This Film is Not Yet Rated. Included is this interesting little bit (emphasis added):

Before I submitted the film, I called up the administration of the ratings board, and I said, “Can you assure me that there will be no copies made of this?” And they assured me, in writing, in e-mail, and on the phone, that not only would no copies be made, but that only the raters would see it. Well, I subsequently learned that an MPAA attorney had seen it. I learned that [MPAA president] Dan Glickman had seen it…

I got a call from an MPAA attorney who said “Look, Kirby, I have to tell you, we have made a copy of your film. But you don’t have to worry, because it’s safe in my vault.” [Laughs.] I can tell you that wasn’t reassuring. In a way I wasn’t surprised, but on the other hand, there’s such hypocrisy there. The MPAA has launched this huge antipiracy campaign, and on their website they define even one act of unauthorized duplication of material as piracy. And that’s exactly what they did.

Ampersand notes that the MPAA has a number you can call to report piracy: 1-800-662-6797. Or you can fill out this this web form. Are we going to let Dan Glickman get away with this blatant act of piracy? Me, I'm filling out the web form, and I urge all of you to report this as well.


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