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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Yes some hunters are gay
Posted by Raznor

A great article in The Daily Sun by a gay hunter talking about Brokeback Mountain. And it's really his personal experience with the story that really got to me.

Isaw Brokeback Mountain a short walk from my home in downtown Missoula, at the historic Wilma Theatre. Between the old sound system and my bad ears (courtesy of the Marine Corps), I had difficulty hearing what sparse dialog there was. But I could pretty much guess what the two sheepherders were mumbling, having read Annie Proulx's short story twice.

The first time I read it, I was still closeted and married, fighting, denying and suppressing my attraction to men; often leading a secret, shameful double life. The story hit hard, and I felt doomed to a life of deceit. I read it again last year, when hype about the upcoming movie first hit the press.

By then I was out, best friends with my former wife of 14 years, and living truer to myself. It made me grateful I had found the courage to change my story to a happier ending.

It's a really good article. Read the rest.


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