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Thursday, February 23, 2006

A blog post that entirely stems with the frustrations of grading as a math teacher
Posted by Raznor

My god! How much more basic can you get?! Zero times anything is zero! Zero times 5? Zero! Zero times x? Zero! Zero times the sum of two other numbers? Zero!

That is all.

. . . Okay, let's try to prove this? 0+0=0, right? can we agree on that? Good. So for some number x 0x=(0+0)x. Follow? Well that means that 0x=0x+0x, so 0x=0x-0x (ooh algebra that's hard!) But anything minus itself is 0 so 0x-0x is 0. Thus 0x=0.

Now let's see everyone use that little fact.


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