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Friday, February 10, 2006

It's Friday - It's random - and it's 10
Posted by Raznor

Well time to fire up the ol' iTunes and see what comes up. Enjoy the list. Feel free to post your own in comments.

1. "5:15"- The Who
2. "Raspberry Beret" - Prince
3. "'Til I Die" - Brian Wilson
4. "Good to Go" - Elliott Smith
5. "Worlds Apart" - Bruce Springsteen
6. "Ruled by Secrets" - Muse
7. "Bull Rider" -Johnny Cash
8. "Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me and My Monkey" - The Beatles (this may very well be the greatest Beatles song ever)
9. "Boys Keep Swinging" - David Bowie
10. "Muzzle of Bees" - Wilco (live version)

So there you go. Have fun. I'm heading to LA for a party in Skip's honor, so I'll try to do a dog-blog later tonight.


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