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Thursday, January 20, 2005

All Blogger Cabinet

Fred Vincy post on his dream cabinet reminded me of something - a bit back, I alluded to the fact that upon becoming President, I'd have an all blogger Cabinet. So, I thought I'd list which bloggers would be in my administration.

President: Me, Raznor, of course.
Vice President: Atrios - his celebrity status will give me, President Raznor, the edge I need.
Secretary of State: Juan Cole. Seriously, we need an expert on the Middle East for a position like this.
Undersecretary of State: Ampersand - check out 'Alas, A Blog's comments section, the man's a master of diplomacy.
Secretary of Defense: General J C Christian, Patriot. Need I say more?
Secretary of Homeland Security: Echidne - those terrorists won't stand a chance when they cross the Goddess of the Snakes!
Attorney General: Jack Balkin. Obvious reasons.
National Security Advisor: Solomon. He'll know how to handle it when the shit hits the fan.
Press Secretary: Bob Harris. I mean, why not?

Well, that's all I can think of off the top of my head. Use the comments and recommend any other cabinet positions (you may even do the self-serving act of nominating yourself, as long as you have a blog). I'll update the post as I see fit.

Update: Well, Solomon for one likes what he sees.

Ya damn skippy I would know how to handle things when the shit hits. In fact, the Secretary of Defense better watch out when I show up cause I'm a rollin' stone, baby!! Kickin' ass and to hell with taking names. Names complicate the ass kickin'.

He has a commenter who's taking this way to seriously though, so I'll say, there are oversights here. Mostly it's the blogs I regularly read if I can fit them in a position. My favorite blogger, August Pollak isn't even represented, but what can you do. He can work on the campaign. But for any other oversights - deal with it. I didn't give this cabinet more than a second's thought because it doesn't deserve more than a second's thought. It's a gag, man.

And they say the left has no sense of humor . . .


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