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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Why I, Raznor, shall win a Feministe Anti-award

Among the Feministe Anti-Awards is the "Pretentious Math Whiz" award. I think it's clear to anyone who reads this that I, the great Raznor should win this award. Sure there's those bloggers who use statistics to prove points, but who besides me actually uses math. As you remember, I wrote a post last year entitled Language, math, and "man". And I've even used set theory to help me find a logical flaw in the fundamental pro-life rhetoric. The award should be mine - and as long as no one else has written why they should have it yet - will be.

Update: Found set theory post, updated blog.

2nd Update: Victory! I'll post the official award icon soon . . .

3rd Update: Got the picture up, now I have all the glory. Dah ha ha ha!


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