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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Signorile vs Sheriff Holcombe

ON Americablog they have the audio of Mike Signorile's phone interview with Alabama Sheriff Holcombe, who wrote on his website that gays are an abomination. My favorite part of the interview was where Holcombe foolishly tried to get Signorile to admit how baaaad gays are (personally transcribed from the audio):

Holcombe: Do you want to describe what homosexuals do to each other?

Signorile: Are you asking me a question?

Holcombe: Yeah. Why don't we just - you know - since it's such, not such a terrible thing - despicable thing, just in common language let's - let's uh let's hear what these gays do to each other.

Signorile: Well, sir, you know what they do to each other? They fuck, just like straight people fuck.

Bam, shot down Sheriff Holcombe.

In any case, the whole thing is worth listening to.


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