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Monday, April 05, 2004

Why do conservatives hate freedom?

I'd usually be willing to blow off this insane article with the same level of ironic humor that Jesse does, but not today. Last night, for my Third Reich Class, I watched Die Weisse Rose (that's The White Rose for you non-German speakers). What this film is about is a true story of a group of student activists who spread pamphlets about the University of Munich in 1943calling attention to German war crimes and the insane depravity of the Nazi party. For this, they were charged with "gross slander of the Fuehrer" and beheaded.

The movie really affected me. So that now I read something like this from a freedom-hating wingnut:

There needs to be a law passed where any person who disrespects the "Office of the Presidency" by making false accusations and spreading deliberate rumors about the president, should be charged with a felony or at the very least a high misdemeanor.

and I can't just blow it off, and say "My, aren't those right wing nuts insane." This will never get passed into law, as Jesse notes, but it's still just absolutely disgusting. There's no other way to put this, Kaye Grogan hates freedom. She hates freedom of speech and will do what she can to eliminate it. Her article is nothing less than advocacy for tyranny and oppression of those who think differently than her. The fact that this sort of insane rambling is published somewhere, by a somewhat respectable organization (as opposed to some fringe cult) does not reflect well on this country.

Update: Since writing this, I finished reading Jesse's quite hilarious post on the whole thing, and feel a bit more sober. So I strongly recommend you head to Pandagon and read his post. Still, it gets so frustrating when the level of discourse consists of reminding right wingnuts that jailing political opponents is called "tyrranny".

I also, once again, strongly recommend watching Die Weisse Rose. Sometime next month I'll do a quick review of all the films we're watching for my Third Reich class, they are quite good.


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