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Monday, April 19, 2004

Letters, I get letters

Just got this in my e-mail, and thought it was hilarious, so I'll reprint it here:

I think your readers would probably be interested in what we're doing.
Billionaires for Bush or Kerry is a bipartisan grassroots campaign
dedicated to getting either one of our candidates into office.

Our Platform in a Nutshell:
The American Democratic system works as well today as it did when the
electoral structure was laid out by the founding fathers. In fact,
Presidents Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, and John
Quincy Adams all ran as "Democratic-Republicans", this party originating
today's Democratic and Republican parties. Not since Zachary Taylor in
1848 has the Electoral College voted a third-party (Whig, in this case)
candidate into the White House.

Since then, Americans have enjoyed their freedom to elect either a
Democrat or a Republican for president. This year's presidential
election is no different, and Billionaires for Bush or Kerry is
projecting our 36th consecutive Republicrat victory.

We are estimating our candidates will win 94.9% of the votes, and 100%
of the electoral votes. While we're thankful for your ongoing support,
our success has really been due to the American electoral process

Feel free to check visit us online:

Thank you
John Barry
Founder, Billionaires for Bush or Kerry


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