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Tuesday, February 18, 2003

I am totally crushing.

It's really late, I'm heavily caffeinated and working on finishing the first three chapters of my novella for Creative Writing tomorrow. Plus there's tons other work to do. One thing I find is that communist propaganda music is very good music to work to.

Anyway, note the time of this blog. I'm letting you know that I'm a Reedie here, and we work hard. Nothing important to say to that. But I'm really lagging behind in work right now, so I do anticipate a few slow blog days ahead. I recommend Atrios to fill the void. Also, don't forget Tom and August are still both very high quality bloggers as well. And while you're at it send me an e-mail and let me know I'm loved. Back to writing. And those of you reading this who know me and are not in my immediate family, and are interested in receiving a copy of this beginning of a novella of mine, let me know and I'll send it via e-mail.



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