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Saturday, February 15, 2003

A Busy Day

My friend Ian told me last year that Reed is part of a right-wing conspiracy - get a bunch of leftist activists together, and put them in a school so rigorous they spend all their free time studying instead of participating on activism. So the Reedie reaction to the World Peace Day was one of sitting around and studying as opposed to going out there and taking part in the activism. As for Ian, well the Psych qual is this weekend, so he's probably busy as hell.

So despite Amper Sand providing a convenient list of activism to do this weekend here in Portland, I've stayed where I haven't left for the past week or so, on campus, as I tried to finish the first three chapters of a novella by Tuesday, not to mention all the reading, and I haven't started grading yet. C'est la vie, huh?

Well, the good news is my parents made it to a protest in Flagstaff, good for them, and as Tom and August happily report the rally in New York drew hundreds of thousands, not to mention the huge rallies all over the country and world to protest a war that hasn't begun. The city of New York succeeded in getting an injunction against a march, but all they got was massive protesters blocking most of Manhattan. I suppose there's nothing to say to that other than: suck it Mayor Bloomberg! (also John Ashcroft)


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